Toy Fair 2012: New For Fisher-Price!

Fisher-Price has lots in store for kids this year!  While at Toy Fair this week I had the chance to tour their showroom and got a sneak peek of some of their new toys.  They have expanded many of their existing lines and debuted some new and exciting new collections.

Here are some of our favorites!

For babies, Fisher-Price has created a new line that pairs good old-fashioned play with upbeat modern music.  The Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza, Stand-Up Ballcano, Scoop & Whirl Popper, Bat & Crawl Rollerbar will encourage little ones to move, while teaching them cause and effect and sorting.

Imaginex has a very cool castle coming out. The Eagle Talon Castle features cool lights, sounds and Action TechTM technology to take imaginations to soaring new levels! It magically recognizes approaching dragons, ogres, and battlements to warn off impending attacks. Even cooler, the castle can expand from 20” out to 42” and is reconfigurable in different ways for endless play that never gets old. This Castle comes loaded with play right out of the box with three-figure activations. When you turn the center disc, the castle springs into eagle defense mode!  To go along with the castle there will be a huge green Ogre and a red Dragon.  Both will interact with the castle and will be kid powered.

Disney Princess Songs Palace by Little People is a detailed, interactive playset that brings Disney Princess characters to life in a special way. The palace features seven play areas (sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, balcony, attic, dressing room and magical dance floor). Place any Disney Princess figure on a special location on the magical palace dance floor and it recognizes that specific character by responding with her name, character phrases and a song from her movie. Dance floor also has room for two additional figures; slide the fountain lever back and forth to activate dancing action.

I am really excited about the Kid-Tough Portable DVR.  This portable device connects directly to your TV and set top box (DVR, cable box, satellite box, digital converter box) so you can record your child’s favorite TV shows. Simply slide the portable handheld device into the docking station and the device is ready to record. Recording can be set to begin instantaneously or at a later time, up to 24 hours in advance. The portable device features a 3.5 inch touch screen, rechargable battery, micro SD card slot and stereo speakers.

The Cook ‘n Serve Kitchen & Table is an interactive play center that brings role play to life in a magical way! Place any Servin’ Surprises food item on the magical serving tray and it recognizes that specific food and responds with related sound effects and sung songs. Table features built-in stovetop with burner and grill and open-and-close light- up oven, all featuring realistic sound effects.  The BEST part about this set is that when your child is done playing a door opens up in the center to store all of the toys and accessories, which allows it to be a place to study or eat dinner.

Expanding on their uber-successful kid-friendly iPod/iPhone Aptivity case, Fisher-Price will be introducing an aptivity bear and an iPad case.

Fantastic Gymnastics Dora goes for the gold this year and your child can help her prepare! Coach her through two gymnastic routines and seven unique moves, from splits to handstands to backbends, and more! Dora also says over 40 phrases in English and Spanish and sings a special gymnastics song.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw her just sitting on the mat but I have to say she is pretty impressive in action!

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    • I think in print it looks a lot less interesting than being in the showroom and watching all of the toys in action. There are also quite a few others that I didn’t include just because of space:)

  • Would love to see what else is in store? What is the name of the new fisher price line of toys? Where will we be ale to buy them? Thanks, nobody else seemed to get the scoop like you!

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