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Triplet Gives Birth to Triplets

Amber Ali and Andre Whitaker are proud parents with a very interesting story.

They were expecting to have one baby, but they ended up having three.

While that would be somewhat normal in this new era of fertility treatments, Amber’s story is extraordinary because she is a triplet.

That’s right, Amber was a triplet having triplets.

“Naturally conceived triplets… we couldn’t believe this is for real,” said Sinai Grace Hospital Physician’s Assistant Kimberley Mix. What are the odds? “We actually can not find any data,” she said.

However, there is more to Amber’s story. On top of being a triplet, she also has twin sisters.

This clearly runs in the family. But will her sister’s follow in her footsteps?

Not likely,

“After seeing me having triplets, they don’t want to take that risk,” Ali said.

Amir, Armon and Amari will be released from the hospital soon and mom can not wait to get her newborn baby boys home so she can start dressing them alike.

We think she should get some sleep, while the boys have 24 hour nursing care because once they are home dreamland will be a thing of the past!

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