Triplet Mom Gives Birth to Her Own Little Trio

Judit Minda may have grown up as a triplet herself, but she was shocked when doctors informed her that she would be giving birth to her own little trio.

“Finding out about being pregnant with triplets was… the most unexpected news I could have ever got,” Minda wrote on Instagram.

The 31-year-old mom from Norway had always wanted children with her partner, Glenn Undheim, but they were far from prepared when it came to having three babies at once.

“I had thousands of thoughts,” Minda told TODAY Parents in an interview. “I wanted them all, but I did not want three children at the same time. I thought about all the complications that could occur (with) a triplet pregnancy and I felt extremely scared and confused.”

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After my last post we have recieved a lot of support, many kind comments, extremely useful information and recommendations. We are more than thankful and truly touched by all the kindness and helpfullness that has been streaming towards us recently. Reading all the encouraging words has been really great. We feel really supported knowing that there are others in similar situations. Reading all the suggestions and learning about other families’ struggles and how they are solving their problems or making their lives easier is really helpful. . We have been going through a really tough period, mentally which I think has a lot to do with us not getting enough sleep, not being able to give as much attention to each and every child of ours as we would like to as we have 3 at the same time and being constantly judged by Glenn’s sonn’s mother and hearing from her that we are bad parents and Glenn is a bad father for his own son because he got triplets. The babies are barely sleeping and waking up more and more often in the nights. . I feel often that I have been thrown into the deep water without being tought how to swim. Learning how to be a mother to three babies feels very overwhelming at times. But I know that my love for my children will always make me keep on going and doing everything for them. . I really like these photos of our trio and I thought sharing some sweet captures of the babies to say thank you for all the sweet comments, support, recommendations and help would be a good way. So once again, thank you for all the support, love and helpful messages and comments we have recieved. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us and for trying to ease our situation that feels a bit impossible to handle sometimes. Happy Sunday! . Love, Judit and Glenn . . . #mentalhelse #mentalhealth #lifewithtriplets #livetmedtrillinger #witchinghour #sleepregression #4monthsold #triplets #trillinger #parentsoftriplets #livetsomforeldre #parentslife #challanges #utfordringer #confession #sleepdeprive . . . Gift/annonse These adorable outfits the babies are wearing were gifted to us by @mamasministore . @mamasministore has world wide shipping ???????.

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But all of that started to change as she considered how much she’d enjoyed being a triplet herself. She’d grown up, close to her sisters, and she knew her own children would experience that same unique bond. Still, being one of three same-aged children has its challenges.

“Being triplets was often the best, but sometimes it could get terrible, too. We got compared all the time. We were not called on by our names — just referred to as the Mindas,” she told TODAY. “But most of the time it was amazing. And still is. I have gone through life having two best friends.”

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??????Body postpartum ?????? . Dear Body, Today I feel like writing to you! In the past 31 years we have spent together, I have put you through a lot. From a child I have grown to an adult, from a fearless kid (always surrounded by her sisters), I have become a woman with a lot of insecurities which was the reason we spent so many years being in war with each other. I said many ugly things to you, I hated you for not being perfect, going through periods where I struggled with pretty serious eating disorders I tortured you, I made you starve, I looked down at you, I tried so hard to change you and could never accept you the way you were. Despite the way I treated you, you have done a great job. You were the home of my children for 34 weeks. You were growing them and now you are nourishing them. You have done so much to make me the happiest. I am so thankful for all you have done, for creating lives, for making me a mother. Dear Body, Thank you! You are amazing and I love you for them, for my children and I hope they will always treat their bodies, the bodies you created, well and kind. But for now, just know that you are amazing, I will try to be patient with you and I love you ??????! . Photos were taken by the sweetest and amazing Trine-Lise Henriksen @trlxphotography @trlx . . . #postpartum #postpartumbody #mypostpartumjourney #triplets #dearbody #mybody #tripletsofinstagram #tripletsofoslo #thisispostpartum #mammakroppen #postgravidkropp

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that triplet and high order births only occur in about 101 out of every 10,000 live births.

Minda decided to share her experience through Instagram. Every painful, difficult, and scary moment of it.

“The first 20 weeks were really difficult. I was extremely nauseous all the time,” Minda said. “Throughout the entire pregnancy, I struggled with high pulse and difficulty breathing.”

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?Sisters? . The last couple of days have been really hard with very little sleep and I am exhausted which gives me some bad thoughts. The babies get very upset and cry a lot from like 6pm until they get very tired and fell asleep. We try to do all we can to comfort them but nothing seems to help. I do not feel that I'll ever be enough and will ever be able to provide my children with all the attention they need and deserve. . Some days I really need to hear someone telling me that trying to do my best and give all my attention and love to my children might not always be enough but that it is a good start. . Motherhood seems to be a bumpy journey with so many emotions involved and I am so happy for being able to talk open and honest about each and every feeling of mine with my sisters, my best friends and knowing that I will meet understanding and good advice… whenever I talk with them about things that bother me I feel a little less guilty for feeling a bit down..every now and then . I love my family and I am looking forward to all the fun and amazing moments I'll share with them and for summer to come to Norway so we will be less isolated and it will be possible to be outside more. ??? And hopefully in a few weeks the little ones will get less upset by the end of the days.??? . . . #lifewithtriplets #upsanddowns #everydaylife #familyiseverything #mykids #myfamily #support #comesummer #oslo #norway #tavasz #harmasikrek #csalad #norvegia #familienmin #minebarn #utfordringer #challanges #hverdager #oppogned ##sistersquad

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She suffered from a condition known as tachycardia, which causes the heart to beat too quickly. Her doctors recommended removing one of the babies to reduce the strain on her heart, but she and husband Undheim decided against it.

There were also concerns over the growth of the babies.

“Baby A could have more amniotic fluid around him but all seems to be fine with him…Baby B has not grown and the doctor was not satisfied with the blood flow in her umbilical cord…Baby C has not grown either and the blood flow in his umbilical cord wasn’t satisfying,” she’d said on Instagram during her 33rd week of pregnancy. “I was told that I did not need to be worried, but that it was time for a steroid injection which will enhance the babies’ lungs maturity.”

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Week 34 (gestational age) Yes, still pregnant! ?????????? . Had a new scan today and we got some good news! . Baby A ? was having fun chewing on his fingers while he was busy practicing his breathing motions. The steroid shots I got last weekend still have a positive effect on the blood flow in Baby B's? and Baby C's? umbilical cord which means that despite their very little weight gain since the end of December they do not need to come out today. . ????The doctor explained that gestational age can be a little more than the actual age of a fetus. In my case the babies's age -determined by ultrasound- is 33+3 days today. She told us that although my body is seemingly getting very exhausted she wishes to keep the babies in until at least 34+0weeks. . I am very ashamed to admit but I had a bigger melt down after the scan… Ever since the scan with negative results last Tuesday I have not been able to sleep, I am worried that something may happen while I am asleep. I have prepared myself for being 'operated on' today and now I feel that something I am really afraid of is hanging over me again, my throat infection isn't getting better, I get more swollen by the day, walking has become very painful and I have nothing to wear anymore as my very last pair of pants that I manage to pull up is now too covered in gel that was used for the ctg… I might seem like someone who is not greatful for the work her body is doing but I promise it is not the case!!! So I am really ashamed for my moment(s) of weakness, the fussing and being selfish today ??! . ?I was told that sleeplessness over longer period, being pregnant and fighting a flu and other infections at the same time is way too much on the body so the doctors convinced me to take a 'sleeping cocktail' tonight to get some sleep and get better sooner ???. . ?No date for the c-section yet. I'll have to stay in the hospital for the rest of the pregnancy. The babies will be scanned with ctg daily and if the results will be fine then there will be a new ultrasound scan on Monday. . . . #stillpregnant #csection #keisersnitt #pregnancyupdate #mybody #week34 #uke34 #expectingtriplets #tantrum #trillinger

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Thankfully, all babies appeared to be fine when they were born via C-section. It was Minda that suffered ill effects from childbirth.

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?????Hello World????? Thank you so much for cheering for us and for all the encouragment we have recieved in forms of very kind messages and thoughtful comments sent to our Mommy while she was carrying us. We are doing fine and we have already spent a lot of time cuddling with our parents and aunties. We need to grow, put on some weight, learn to control our pulse, learn to eat both from breast and bottle and keep ourselves on a suffiecient temperatur. ?????? Much love???, Filip Alexander, Amelia Helena and Henrik Mikael . On behalf of Judit and Glenn we would like to say thank you for all the support, love, encouragment, sweet messages, useful informations you shared with us. Thank you for cheering for these three little Miracles. Judit is still feverish and struggle with some post partum issues. She is in great hands, we have been visiting every day and Glenn is staying with her and the babies in the hospital. We want her to take her time to recover and focus on getting better. Until then we are running the account without her (with her permission of course????). Big hugs, Sofia and Szilvia ?? . . . Thank you Trine-Lise @trlxphotography @trlx for taking our very first photos yesterday. (Annonse) . . . #triplets #trillinger #tripletsofoslo #postpartum #aunties #newfamily #henrik #amelia #filip #nicu #helloworld #nicemeetingyou #thankyou #mommy #daddy #aunties #pregnantwithtriplets #tripletsmom #sisters #siblings #identical #fraternal #ourbabies #tachycardia #sweetbabies #love #blessed

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“The days after the delivery were pretty tough, I have been fighting all kinds of viruses (sinus infection, flu, throat infection, cold) but that part is much better by now,” she wrote on social media after the birth. “Two days ago I got worse again and was set on antibiotics immediately due to post-cesarean wound infection. It is terribly painful and gives me fever and makes it hard to move around or even to turn in the bed.”

Now, five months later, both she and the babies are doing just fine. In fact, things seem to be just perfect in Minda’s life.

“The past 5 months have been filled with uncountless new adventures, many emotions, smiles, tears, sleepless nights, and new experiences,” she said on Instagram on June 29th. “Becoming a first time mother to three little babies has made me a different person…I have fallen in love, irrevocably.”

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Sponsored post In collaboration with . Filip, Amelia and Henrik were born 6 weeks early. They are healthy and happy babies but some of their developmental skills are a little behind compared to full term babies. As all babies are different it is hard to estimate but their physical therapist says that they are approximately 3 weeks behind in developement compared to other babies at the same age, almost 6 months. . The most important is that they are developing fine and are more and more interested in everything that’s happening around them and we love witnessing it ????! . Filip, Amelia and Henrik have recently recieved a big box with all kinds of activity and baby toys from the Scandinavian online store We get so excited every time when our get gifts ???????! . We love seeing our little ones showing interest to their new toys and moving around twisting their little bodies like little acrobats ????. They are all so different ???. Experiencing that a baby reaches a new milestones three times at (almost) once is so amazing and we could not be prouder of our little cuties. . I hope you’ll enjoy scrolling theough these pictures just as much as we do ????????! Happy Friday and happy weekend from us ?????????! . I samarbeid med er jeg så heldig at jeg får dele ut en rabatt kode, som da gir 15% avslag på neste alle varer (noen merker gjelder ikke) i nettbutikken ved bruk koden «triplet15» ?? Koden er kun gyldig i 24 timer!!! Sjekk ut link i min bio ???? . . #happyweekend #tgif #happyfriday #trillinger #lekmer #lekmerno #playlikeapro #milestones #milepæle #triplets #oslo #development #newphaseoflife #artofplay #kiddos #ourtrio #newbielovers #lekmer #yeskappahl #happykids

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Thankfully, her two sisters are helping out with the triplets, perhaps helping to preserve at least a little bit of her sanity.

“Having them by my side has given me courage, helped me through tough periods and made me realize that there is nothing in life I will ever have to face alone,” she wrote. “No matter what life will bring, I will always have two amazing [people] to count on.”


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