Tulsa Police Officers Save Premature Baby

A police officer’s job is to serve and protect.  On Wednesday, two Tulsa police officers did just that when they saved the life of a baby who was born 2 months premature in the bathroom of his parents home.

During a press conference officers Brad Hill and Josh Goldstein recalled how they were called to a home in the 5900 block of West Eighth Street in North Tulsa about 1:45 a.m on December 11th.  Thought to be a routine call,  it turned out to be a night they would never forget.

Brad Hill and Josh Goldstein

“We received a call to assist EMSA. We get those calls all the time,” Goldstein said. “Usually we show up and EMSA is there and they’re having a problem with a family member.”

This time however the situation was slightly different. The two arrived to find that the emergency crew had not yet arrived. The dispatcher asked them to go in where they found a man in the living room and a woman on a bloody bathroom floor, cradling a baby.

The baby was about 3 pounds but was lifeless and the officers were not sure if he was alive.

The man in the living room was talking to the dispatcher but he could not help with the delivery and could not understand how to help the baby. That is when the dispatcher asked the two officers to intervene.

They were asked to stimulate the baby and cut the umbilical cord. The baby was blue and grey until the two tied his umbilical cord with a shoe string.

Officer Goldstein gave the baby CPR, while officer Hill tied off the umbillical cord.  Fifteen seconds later, the newborn finally began to make noises.

“It was an amazing moment,” Hill said. “We weren’t, until that point, sure the baby was even still alive.

“To see life come to something that you didn’t know was alive is amazing.”

The baby and the mom are said to be doing well now at the hospital.

Both officers say that although they had received basic first aid training they were not prepared to deliver a baby.

“It feels great. I’m very proud, very humbled,” Goldstein said.

Said Hill: “It’s one of those things you don’t want to do every day. But you’re just glad that, you know, you got to be a part of it … it all ended up for the best. You can’t really hope for a better outcome.”



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