Multiple Births Sextuplets

Tunisian Woman Welcomes Country’s First Set Of Sextuplets

A woman in Tunisia has given birth to sextuplets, setting a national record, Syria’s Al-Watan Daily said on Tuesday.

The babies, three boys and three girls, were delivered by Caesarian section in a maternity hospital in the country’s capital, Tunis.

Five of the babies and the mother are in satisfactory condition, but the sixth child suffers from perinatal asphyxia.

Tunisia’s previous record was set by a 28-year-old woman from the central town of Kasserine, who gave birth to quintuplets in December 2007.

Multiple births overseas has been under scrutiny lately after it was been revealed the low prices of fertility treatments.

This allows low income families to conceive when there are issues, but also brings more children than these families can afford.

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