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Twins Born On Same Day Conceived 3 Weeks Apart

Could you imagine being on the pill and still getting pregnant…twice…in 3 weeks?
That’s what happened to Amelia Spence earlier this year.

Doctors realized that something was up during an ultrasound when they looked at the screen and noticed that one fetus still looked like a blob, whereas the other had four visible limbs. It was such a marked difference.

“It was really strange to see. The doctor said that he had never seen it before, but had only read about it in textbooks.

“One foetus was 12 weeks old, whilst they said the other was three weeks behind, at nine weeks old. I had become pregnant twice on two separate occasions.

“The doctors couldn’t believe it, either. They told us there was a million-to-one chance of it happening.

“There were concerns for the smaller baby but at the next scan she was still alive.

Miss Spence said: “It was very emotional when the doctors said that the smaller baby was still growing. She was such a little fighter.”

The mother had to be scanned every week to check that both babies were still growing.

She said: “It was nerve-racking going to the hospital each week and I just kept praying they would both be all right. My stomach got so big that towards the end of my pregnancy, I could hardly move.”

Doctors had to carry out an emergency caesarean to deliver the babies because they were both lying awkwardly in the womb.

Ame, the younger baby, arrived first weighing 4lb 13oz. Her sister Lia was much bigger at 6lb 11oz.

This may not be too uncommon because there are statistics on twins that are born to two fathers, which is kind of the same thing because the female would release an egg at 2 different times.



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  • I am pregnant with two babies right now and they are almost 3 weeks apart, one is 2 weeks 5 days younger than the other. This is very nerve racking, but its good to hear a story like this where two healthy babies are born under the same situation. Thank You for sharing.

  • My sister and I were concieved 3 weeks apart over 34 years ago! I was 3 pounds and she was 2 pounds when we were born! We were the first documented case in the hospital we were born in! To this day I love to tell people our little story because it is so rare and unheard of! Plus we do not look anything alike!! Totally opposite! I’m tall, she’s short, I’ve got brunnete hair, she’s a dirty blond, I have to wear glasses and her vision is perfect!! I could go on and on!! God Bless those little girls!! May they always cherish how unique they are!!

  • I am expecting, this is our 3rd pregnancy and we have 2 boys i am about 6 weeks along, I am already showing, I started to bleed two days ago and it was only for 1 day and then the bleeding stopped, I had blood work done and the HCG levels came back normal but i am wondering if i am carrying twins and maybe the 2nd baby was just implanting the other day when i started to bleed, When i asked the Nurse if you can conceive on different days she told me no, I am going back for more blood work tomorrow and i may just ask for them to do an ultra sound just to be safe. I feel as though I am carrying twins.

  • After 2 previous births(first baby died at full term birth-next one perfect)and a miscarriage at 3 months I had a boy and girl set of twins 47 and a half years ago,born 5 minutes apart and 13 lbs 3 ozs together,by normal delivery-Caesarians were rare.There were no ultrasounds then,just x-rays,and rarely done. Mine was at 3 months as I was so big the Dr. suspected a very multiple pregnancy.It showed twins but he said there could be 1 or 2 others hiding behind the 2(xrays were less clear back then).Another xray at 6 months as I was bigger than 9 months size(lying on my tummy again-ouch!) and then went to hospital to wait (great lazy holiday) as was too big to walk properly and underweight.X ray showed twins.I told the Dr. they were due on Oct 17 as first big kick on May 17 and babies are due exactly 5 calendar months after that.Dr.said due 3 weeks later.I had them at 10.30 pm on Oct 16,because the Dr,gave me an induction at 5 pm to speed up the already 12 hr natural labour.He needed his sleep!The pediatrician told me one was classic 3 weeks premature and that was extremely rare.The fun bit is that the 2 were conceived 3 weeks apart,one in Coffs Harbour and one in Sydney.I had planned the conception for a girl(late in one ovulation and another try 3 weeks later resulting in a boy as a bit early in ovulation.).I was ovulating twice-3 weeks apart- within each monthly cycle for a couple of months after having my appendix out and a cyst cut off an ovary just because it was there.I knew this could stimulate the ovary to multi ovulate but never thought it would happen to me.So I had beautiful girl and boy twins conceived 3 weeks apart.They were and still are healthy.Also still beautifull as I notice most twins are-but so is the older brother.They look like my husband’s side of the family! I then joined 4 other multiple mums and we formed the Australian Multiple Birth Association which is still going. Love to all you multiple birth mums and dads.

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