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Two Men Catch Toddler After Tumble From Fire Escape

Two words came to mind when I read this story…. Your Fired! There is a reason why I am paranoid about a babysitter looking after my child.

Just after noon hour, 3-year-old Timothy Addo wandered out an open window and onto a fire escape, while his babysitter was in the bathroom smoking a cigarette.

Two men, that were just passing by made a heroic catch after a toddler fell off a fire escape from his fourth floor apartment.

The second that this happened she just went to the bathroom for a minute,” said neighbor Migdalia Melendez. “It happened just like that.”

A neighbor caught sight of the boy and yelled down to two men on the street just before the boy slipped and fell four stories into their waiting arms.

“I started screaming, come back, come back, Julio, I cannot do this by myself,” said Pedro Navarez. “As I’m calling him back, I look up again, the kid’s falling down, so he ran right there, we’re both waiting to catch him, so he hit the branch, so he went to Julio’s side.”

“As he was coming down I noticed he was a pretty big kid, a pretty big kid. It’s so fortunate that he was standing right next to me, ‘cause actually he bounced right off of me – I couldn’t get a good grip – and he grabbed him,” said Julio Gonzalez.

The little boy was taken to hospital, but has since been released with just minor cuts and bruises.

Navarez and Gonzalez are being hailed as heroes.

“This is the year 2007 and you gotta thank God and all our miracle angels that these guys were around at the time that that little angel needed him,” said neighbor Luis Gonzalez.

City law requires apartments with children under the age of ten to have window guards.

An exception is for windows that lead to a fire escape. But the law also says children should not be allowed on fire escapes unless there is an emergency evacuation.

There’s no word on whether the babysitter face any charges.


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