Two Officers Help Deliver and Save The Life Of A 2lb Baby

Yesterday morning, police in Wyandanch, NY received a report of a miscarriage.

When they arrived they found a pregnant Patrice Green, 21, in heavy labor on her bedroom floor, just minutes from giving birth.

The officers kept telling her not to push, but they baby was clearly not listening because just moments after paramedics arrived so did the tiny newborn.

After an EMS worker cut the umbilical cord, the officers wrapped the underweight, premature baby in a blanket and rushed in their cruiser toward Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center, radioing ahead for roadblocks to speed their way.

The baby boy, born two months early and just more than 2 pounds, was still and quiet. But as one of the officers blew oxygen with a tube near his face, a wail filled the squad car.

Today both, mom and baby are in stable condition thanks to the quick thinking of these officers.

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