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Two Teenage Boys Help Deliver Baby at Local Bus Stop

Baby feetNicole McClung’s labor with firstborn Tyler took a total of 14 hours, so imagine her surprise when baby Dayna-Marie was born in just a half an hour. She didn’t even have enough time to make it to the hospital. Thankfully, she had the help of her husband, and a couple of anonymous local heroes.

“You couldn’t have got two births any more different if you tried…If I had a quick labor the first time, I might have thought it would be quick.” Nicole told Mercury. “I went into labor with [Tyler] and we went to the hospital and he was born 14 hours later. It was a long birth and there was no way on earth I thought my second one would be anything like it was…We were all a bit shell-shocked the next morning.”

“Shell-shocked” may even be an understatement.

Nicole started having contractions in the middle of the night. She and husband, Mark, headed off for the hospital, but along the way, Dayna-Marie decided she couldn’t wait. Mark had to stop the car at the Hertingfordbury Road bus stop, near their home, because the little girl’s head was already emerging.

“It was half an hour after I started having contractions and it wasn’t how I imagined it would be at all. It couldn’t have been further from what I wanted. I wanted a water birth, but this all happened record time,” Nicole said. “By the time we got to Hertingfordbury Road, her head was practically out.”

Dayna-Marie’s birth ended up being more like a game of football, since Mark actually ended up dropping his phone while trying to catch the baby.

“She literally shot out and my husband had to catch her before she hit the ground,” Nicole said.

Thankfully, there were some local heroes nearby to help.

Two teenage boys, who happened to be walking past the bus stop, noticed the couple and asked if everything was alright. When Mark didn’t respond, they intervened.

“They looked about 17 or 18. They saw my husband panicking and shouted out, ‘Are you okay?’ When he didn’t answer because he was trying to deliver the baby, they thought something was wrong and came over, and that was the moment my husband dropped the phone to pick up the baby,” Nicole said.

The two teens grabbed the phone, spoke with emergency personnel, and stayed with the family until an ambulance could arrive.

“They took over the phone and told the ambulance what had happened and helped direct the ambulance to us,” Nicole said. “They told the ambulance I was here and the dad had just delivered the baby. They stayed with us until the ambulance arrived. We got into the ambulance, and then they left.”

Nicole says she’s fully impressed with how well the two boys handled the situation, and needless to say, she’s grateful for their help.

“They were so young, and for them to stand there and help at their age, I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “You hear bad stories about young people in these days, but there are decent people in the world, and these were really nice boys. They were saying congratulations.”

The family was whisked off to the Lister Hospital, where, despite the crazy ordeal they’d just been through, Nicole and Dayna-Marie were pronounced in good health.

“I was a bit traumatized. There hadn’t been any pain relief or time for anything. My husband was in a daze,” Nicole said. “We went in and they told us we had done all the hard work and they just needed to check [if] we were ok, and we were both fine.”

Other than needing to stay for some blood work, Nicole didn’t need any care, and baby Dayna-Marie was the picture of perfect health. And now, the family is enjoying their time together; even 3-year-old Tyler is enjoying his new baby sister.

“He’s been very good,” Nicole said. “If she cries, he sings Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to her.”

But the family is still missing something: though they didn’t even have a chance to catch their names, Mark and Nicole would love to have a chance to thank the two young men that helped with the safe delivery of their daughter. The Mercury is searching for the two boys in hopes of reuniting the family with the two teens.

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  • Those boys should be very proud of themselves, as should their families. They did that new family a great service. Well done guys!!

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