Two Year Old Girl Crawls Inside Vending Machine

A two-year-old little girl got herself in a bit of trouble at a  Pittsburgh area mall this week when she crawled through the chute of the carnival-style ‘claw’ machine to get a closer look at the stuffed animals inside.

However, after she climbed in and began to have her fun, she couldn’t get back out – needing the fire department to be called in to rescue her from the vending machine. Fire Chief Paul Kashmer told WPXI that the little girl was calm when his crew arrived,

“When we got inside there was the cutest little girl in a pink outfit sucking her binky inside with the other toys. She said, ‘I was sitting at the table and I looked over and she’s in the machine,’ ” said Kashmer.”I’d like to see the opening a little smaller. I think they should look into that.”

The little girl was retrieved safely from the machine with no injuries once the fire chief pried open the door and was able to reach in and grab her.  This is the fourth time we have covered a toddler getting stuck in one of these machines.  You would think that after this many issues, the company would change it’s design.  – Gina, Staff Writer

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