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UK Baby Arrives in 8 Minutes

When a baby decides that it wants to come out, there is nothing you can do except catch them…

Susannah Kendrick was only eight months pregnant when she felt a contraction. Just one.

Minutes later, the Brighton woman, aged 29, had given birth to a daughter, her third child, helped by husband Paul.

Susannah was in the middle of preparing ‘curry’ for some guests that the family was having over when she suddenly I thought ‘that feels a bit funny’ and then went to phone the hospital.

“I wasn’t in any pain but I just thought I’d better get some advice.”

Midwives at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton advised her to go to the hospital.

Mrs Kendrick said she left the food on the stove, and put her shoes on, but then a big contraction came, which is when her husband arrived to help.

Estate agent Mr Kendrick, 36, told BBC South East Today: “I can’t believe Susannah gave birth so quickly.

“I ran upstairs and asked if Susannah was okay, and she said she’d just had a massive contraction.

“I had to get her on the bed, and to cut a short story shorter, it was two more contractions later.”

Dinner party guest Anna Harrap dialled 999 and relayed instructions from the operator to Mr Kendrick who delivered 6lb 1oz baby Trinity on 10 August.

In the past I have deliveries that have occurred in taxis, parking lots and police stations.



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