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UK Couple Gets Twin Luck Twice!

When Adel and Blane Pearson discovered they were having twins three years ago, they thought it was a fantastic surprise. But the couple were stunned when Adel fell pregnant a second time – and learned she was expecting twins – Again!

Now they are regarded as a ‘one in a million’ family by experts because the first set of twins – Grace and Ruby – are non-identical while the latest arrivals – Isla Mae and Isobel – are identical.

All four girls were conceived naturally, without the need for any IVF treatment, and there is no history of twins in their families.

Debbie Ross, membership manager of the Twins and Multiple Birth Association, described the Pearson family’s two sets of twins as ‘practically unheard of.’

‘The chance of having non-identical twins is one in 67 while the chance of having identical twins is about one in 1,000’, she said.

‘But the chances of having two sets of twins, identical and non-identical, must be one in a million. You will find very few families who have a pair of identical twins and a pair of non-identical twins.’

Non-identical twins Grace (7lb 6oz) and Ruby (7lb 8oz) were born on December 9, 2005 – although the twist was that the girls look identical.

Identical twins Isla Mae (7lb 6oz) and Isobel (8lb 6oz) were born on August 26 this year.

Both sets of twins arrived at 38 weeks pregnancy, arriving by caesarean section three minutes apart.

The amazing nature of this family’s situation has caused them to ‘minor celebrities’ where they live in Colchester, Essex.

Adel says:

‘I can barely go out now, me and the girls are like celebrities. I can’t go shopping without somebody stopping me and wanting a look at the girls.

‘I try to dress them differently but everyone sees through it. People are just fascinated and have so many questions to ask.’

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