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UK Moms Surprise Store Staff By Using Baby Bum Cream On Their Faces

Last week we wrote about Diaper Goop, a product created to help parents battle diaper rash. While I loved how it worked on my sons bum, the way it softened and hydrated my feet made me much happier. When I saw that they product had lanolin in it I thought it would work on my less than exciting feet – and I was right.

I guess I am not the only mom who is finding new creative ways to use bum cream because supermarket staff in the UK were mystified when a cream for baby’s bottom began selling like hot cakes. At least until they realized that moms were putting it on their own faces.

At £2.49($5US) a pot, Waitrose’s own-label Baby Bottom Butter is only a fraction of the cost of designer products.

The buying frenzy began after it was given glowing endorsements on parenting websites.

The butter is free from artificial chemicals and contains olive oil, camomile – for nappy rash – and lavender.

Sales of Baby Bottom Butter doubled to around 30,000 tubs in the first part of this year, taking its Hampshire-based supplier by surprise and leading to shortages on the shelves.

This whole situation reminds me of a couple of years ago when Shania Twain mentioned, during an interview, that she used ‘udder balm'(cream to hydrate cows teets – only sold at feed stores) on her face. Not long after that Walmart started to stock it in the beauty aisles.



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