Multiple Births

UK School Boasts 15 Sets Of Twins

I guess I am not the only person that has noticed an increase in multiples.

Staff at Chulmleigh Community College and the nearby primary school certainly have their work cut out for them trying to keep 15 sets of twins and even a set of triplets straight.

The sibling symmetry has been causing some confusion at the college, because five sets of twins are identical and there is even one set of triplets, while staff at the primary school have been left befuddled over four sets of twins.

Head teacher Michael Johnson said: “It’s amazing that we have so many twins here and triplets are even rarer. I’ve never come across triplets at any of the previous five schools I’ve worked at.

“It’s an astonishing figure that’s for sure, I’ve no idea what if anything has caused it – a bit of a strange phenomenon really.”

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