Multiple Births

UK Teen Welcomes Identical Triplets

A teenager in Liverpool showed off her three little miracles – identical newborn triplet girls.

Staff at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, who delivered the tiny babies on Saturday, said it was extremely rare to conceive triplets naturally.

The fact that Shauny, Summer and Savanah are identical makes them extra special.

Proud mum Siobhan Daly, 17, said she and boyfriend Dean Mao, 16, were shocked when she fell pregnant because she was on the pill.

The babies arrived at 31 weeks pregnant by caesarean section weighing 3lb 9oz, 3lb 14oz and 3lb 2oz.

Even though twins run in both families, identical babies are spontaneous. Siobhan’s egg simply split twice, which created the triplets.

While this is believed to be a rare occurrence, there have been a lot of parents have identical triplets this year.

We wish this couple the best! The young age will be an advantage when the babies need to play.

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