Ultimate Parental Laziness: Stroller DVD Pouch

This product just might be the ultimate ‘lazy parent’s’ dream.

Compatible with most rear-facing strollers, the Baby Beehavin’ Stroller DVD Pouch attaches to the handle bars of your stroller so that you can insert your travel DVD player for movie watching while out.

Recommended for use when your baby shopping, to a restaurant, or anywhere, this design is compatible with any portable DVD player.

While it looks cool, this product will undoubtedly get looks and probably some unfavorable comments.

We use the DVD that is mounted on the roof of our SUV for trips that are over an hour and bring a bag of toys with us when we go to a restaurant, but I think that using this for trips to the mall may be crossing the line.

Knowing how the world feels about kids watching too much television, I wouldn’t ever venture to the mall with one of these things.

Most parents turn their strollers in the rear-facing position for interaction or so that the child can sleep uninterrupted. Having a DVD going defeats the purpose for both.

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