Rev Dr Emma Loveridge

Unmarried Priest Quits Top Job After Becoming Pregnant

Rev Dr Emma Loveridge is making a few waves overseas for getting pregnant.

She is one of the Church of England’s most senior women clerics and she has stepped down from her post as Archbishop of York after only 13 months on the job.

The 42-year-old cited “personal and family reasons” for leaving the staff of Dr John Sentamu, who ranks second in the Church’s hierarchy.

He is regarded as conservative in matters of sexual morality

She is also understood to have resigned her licence to practise as a priest and to have effectively stepped down from the clergy.

The baby is believed to be Dr Loveridge’s first and her growing bump was obvious as she strolled near her home this week.

Her pregnancy comes as the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has spoken out strongly in favour of marriage and married families in recent months.

Along with Dr Sentamu, he has been trying to deal with the worldwide Anglican split over sexual morality.

On one side, they face US Anglican leaders who embrace gay rights and whose ranks include a gay bishop. But in the developing world, prelates reject any concession over traditional Biblical morality.

Since Dr Loveridge left on March 31 after working her three-month notice, she has received support from a prominent and wealthy U.S. church.

I believe that anyone who has given up as much as this women has to carry her child is going to be great mom. She knows the importance of life and has already sacrificed more for her child than a lot of parents.

We wish her good luck and we hope the press lays off…the stress is bad for the baby!

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