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UPDATE: 59 year-old Woman Welcomes Triplets in Paris

The 59-year-old woman who was awaiting the birth of her triplets as delivered them, a hospital spokeswoman in Paris confirmed today.

The two boys and a girl, who arrived by Caesarean section at the Cochin hospital late on Saturday night, arrived weighing between 2.1 kg and 2.4 kg. The mother and the babies were all in good health.

News of the woman’s pregnancy has drawn widespread criticism in the French media since it was made public last week. It is illegal in France to provide fertility treatment to women who are no longer at an age when they can procreate naturally.

“On this particular point, scientific progress is not good for mankind,” said Andre Vingt-Trois, a Catholic archbishop, quoted by Monday’s Le Parisian newspaper.

I guess my issue with this is that I can’t believe that this mom is going to have the energy to look after 3 tiny babies and keep herself healthy, unless she is wealthy enough to have the help of a nanny.

It really isn’t fair to the babies to have parents who may not get to see many of the big moments in the life.

Even if this mom lives to be 90, and she could, she still may not see one of even all three babies get married or have their first child…

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