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Update: Kidnapped Baby Found!

Good News in Missouri this morning. The 10 day old baby that was kidnapped last Friday has been returned to her parents, unharmed.

Shannon Torrez came to 21-year-old Stephanie Ochsenbine’s home in the small town of Lonedell on Friday, attacked her with a knife and left with her week-old infant, Abigale Lynn Woods, officials said.

In court papers, authorities said Torrez, 36, learned about the week-old baby through a “welcome home” yard sign for the new mother, Stephanie Ochsenbine.

Sheriff Gary Toelke said Torrez told investigators she was nine months pregnant but lost the baby on Friday, the same day little Abigale Lynn Woods was kidnapped. But Toelke said investigators are trying to determine whether Torrez had been pregnant.

Torrez was arrested Tuesday after her sister-in-law, Dorothy Torrez, contacted authorities.

Dorothy Torrez became suspicious when she noticed makeup on the forehead of the baby her sister-in-law claimed was her own, authorities said. She rubbed off the makeup and found a strawberry-red birthmark that matched the description of the kidnapped infant, investigators said.

I know everyone was worried about this baby and I am so glad she has been returned to her parents. In the original post I did for this story, I noted that historically about three-quarters of the kidnapped infants were recovered in less than five days. This baby was returned in 4 days.


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