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Update: One Of The B.C. Sextuplets Has Died

I am very sad to report that one of the miracle babies born in B.C. has passed away. No details are available because the hospital cannot release any of the details due to the privacy act.

The Toronto Star is reporting that:

One of the sextuplets born in Vancouver just over a week ago died late last week, sources confirm.

Spokesman Peter Chech with B.C. Children’s Hospital refused to confirm or deny the report, saying he hadn’t been given any instruction from the parents about releasing a statement.

The hospital held a news conference last Monday after reports leaked out that Canada’s first set of sextuplets had been born.

Officials said then that the parents, who are Jehovah’s Witnesses, wished to remain anonymous.

The parents allowed authorities to say only that the babies weighed less than two pounds each, about the size of an outstretched hand.

The four boys and two girls were born at 25 weeks, just over the half-way mark of an average 40-week pregnancy.

I hope that the remaining 5 babies are doing okay. Many people are concerned about the condition of these babies. It would be nice if the hospital would just let the press know just the general condition of these babies – nothing specific.

My heart goes out to these parents. Let’s pray for the remaining babies. I know how hard the “roller coaster” can be in the NICU. I could never imagine it times 6.

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