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Update: St. Louis Park Couple Expecting Sextuplets

At the end of April I reported on a couple that was expecting their first baby, which turned out to be six first babies. At that time Brianna Morrison was 16 weeks along and a substanstial size.

WCCM.COM is reporting that Brianna has been placed on bedrest at Abbott Northwestern with a due date in October.

Morrison said she’s feeling good, and so, apparently are her little ones.

“They’re pretty active now,” she said. “Just two days ago I felt three of the babies all at the same time which was the first I felt two of them kick at the same time. They’re getting stronger, so the kicks are harder and the punches, but I love it. I love when I wake up at night and I can feel one of them kicking or punching me.”

Morrison isn’t the only one living at the hospital for the remainder of her pregnancy. Her husband, Ryan Morrison, sleeps on an inflatable bed next to her.

He’s also packing up their apartment because their lease is up and will need a new place to stay.

The young couple has a lot going on and through it all they stay strong through their faith. They believe things will turn out just as intended.

Brianna still has a long road ahead of her before her babies are out of harms way. They will all need to stay in until at least 26 weeks for them to have any chance of survival. I can’t imagine how she is feeling…

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