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Valentines Baby Arrives At Walmart

This story is so great, you could almost think it was a scene out of a movie…

A volunteer firefighter shopping at a Wal-Mart store on Valentine’s Day wound up helping to deliver a baby in the greeting card aisle.David Hau says he was at the store in Punxsutawney Thursday morning when the store made a public announcement seeking a doctor or anyone with medical experience.

Hau has been with the Elk Run Volunteer Fire Co. for three months and is trained as an emergency medical technician.

Hau says he asked the woman if she could wait until an ambulance arrived, but she said this was her seventh child and delivery would be no problem.

The store gave Hau a pair of gloves and 15 minutes later, the woman delivered a baby boy.

Let’s be honest – after already doing this 6 times before, you know this mom was calling the shots from the top.


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  • “This story is so great, you could almost think it was a scene out of a movie…”

    Er…I can’t be sure if you were being sarcastic because you knew it was a scene out of a movie, or if you meant it in the most innocent of ways, but here goes anyway:

    This does mirror a scene of a movie-somewhat- “Where the Heart Is” which came out in 2000 and starred Natalie Portman as Novalee Nation (it was one of her early leading role movies, after Star Wars). Adapted from a book, the movie follows 17 year old Novalee Nation who is pregnant and her boyfriend as they make a trip from Tennessee to California. They stop at an Oklahoma WalMart for a restroom break, and when Novalee comes out her boyfriend is gone. She stays at the WalMart perhaps hoping her boyfriend will come back and mistakenly gets locked in for the night. Since she has no money, she decides to move into the WalMart and is able to live there undetected. Eventually, she goes into labor in aisle 5 in the middle of a storm at night and a man whom she had befriended see her through the store’s windows and crashes through them to help her.

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