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Vintage Fisher-Price ~ Our Top 18!

I love classic toys. Love the memories they bring back, their simple, yet incredible style and timelessness. While putting this post together for Fisher-Price about my favorite childhood toy I realized that my early years were full of their incredible toys.  In fact while going through vintage sites I also came across quite a few that I didn’t realize were made by them.

Over the last 80 years Fisher-Price’s toys have been a staple in many households. Now their classics can only be found in second hand stores, at grandma’s house and in doctor’s waiting rooms.

Favorites like the record player, chatter phone, xylophone and the snoop n sniff dog have been re-released in recent years and are available in store brand new.

The originals, however, can only be purchased online, at garage sales or through auction – if you can find them.

We have rounded up some of our favorite classics.  Do you remember these toys?

  1. Giant Screen-Music Box TV – Introduced in 1966 this classic toy played 2 songs as 2 different picture stories scroll across the 7″ TV screen. The TV has a large yellow knob that winds the music box and a smaller “clicking” pretend channel selector. When wound, the music box TV plays “London Bridge” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” as the pictures scroll by.
  2. Roly Poly Chime Ball – Introduced in 1967 the Roly Poly Chime Ball was sold for almost 3 decades. Fisher-Price created two versions of this popular toy; one with sailboats and one with rocking horses.
  3. Tip Toe Turtle – Introduced in 1962, this cute turtle ‘scampers along moving his clicking feet while a melidious sound plays from under his shell’.
  4. Music Box Teaching Clock – Sold between 1962 – 1983 the Music Box Teaching Clock was a grandfather clock that made a “tick-tock” sound as the clock hands went around. Kids could move the second hand manually, which would in turn move the hour hand just like a real clock.
  5. The Happy Apple – This iconic toy was sold between 1973-1984. Designed for children 3 months to 3 years, this roly-poly chime toy always ends upright when child rolls it over. It has a soft vinyl stem and leaves for teething and is water proof for bath play.

  1. Three Men In A Tub – Simple but fun! Introduced in 1970 this popular toy was sold for 15 years. Butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker were three weighted figures that fit in the tub perfectly.
  2. Sunflower rattle – I loved this rattle! Cute sweet and definitely a classic. Sold from 1974-1984 one side had a face and the other a mirror.
  3. Fisher Price horse – My brother had this iconic ride-on horse.  It’s more retro than vintage.  Sturdy, it had reins that made a realistic “whinny” sound when pulled up or down. It also had a plank seat that was perfect for kids of all sizes and storage underneath to tote all of your favorite possessions.
  4. Movie Viewer & Cartridge – Introduced in 1973 this white plastic movie viewer was perfect because it didn’t require a screen, projector or batteries. ‘Simply slide the accessory cartridge into the viewer, turn the crank and watch the movie in slow motion, fast motion or even backwards. It has an adjustable focus wheel, recessed eye piece and an easy grip handle.’
  5. Creative Block Wagon – Introduced in 1961 the Creative Block Wagon was a ride-on that held plastic blocks and wooden dowels.

  1. Pocket Camera – Sold between 1974-1991 this vintage camera has 27 pictures of a trip to the zoo. Press the camera’s button to advance the pictures and to make the flash cute turn automatically.
  2. School Days Desk – This was one of my favorite toys growing up. Lots of accessories, cool flash cards AND a chalkboard. This toys is definitely timeless.
  3. A Frame House – This unique house features a porch with one step and a clear plastic sliding “glass” door on both sides of the house and a balcony above both. It was only in production for 2 years, but in that time it managed to be a favorite
  4. Activity Crib Center – Everyone I know had this crib center in their crib. Introduced in 1973 and sold for 11 years this activity center had lots of brightly colored hands-on activities that both entertain baby and teaches beginning hand-eye coordination skills. The mirror, the hare chasing the turtle and the swirly swirls.

  1. Play Castle – This awesome castle was my most treasured childhood toy and thankfully my mom saved it for me. Introduced in 1975, it was only in production for two years, but is still a favorite with collectors 36 years later. This is probably due to the detail that was put into the set, the fun hiding spots for the wooden characters and the incredibly cool figures that came with it. I mean who doesn’t love a pink dragon?
  2. Lacing Shoe with Play Family – Sort, play and learn how to tie your shoes! This classic toy was made between 1965 and 1969 and it featured wooden characters that could ride in the toe of the shoe or in the body if they were sorted properly.
  3. Camper Set – Who doesn’t love camping? This set was only in production for 3 years but it came with everything a child would need to rough it in the wild! Included in the set were a green boat, a mother, father, son, daughter, dog, a bbq, toilet, sink, motor bike and enough seating for the whole family.
  4. Goldilocks & The 3 Bears Playhouse – A couple weeks ago I found one of these sets at the second hand store. Still in pretty good condition, it was, unfortunately, without all of the sorting pieces that made it so much fun. It did have the key still attached and worked perfectly when I rolled in down the aisles. Funny how I immediately remembered that the eyes moved up and down and a bell rang as it was moved through the store. A steal at $2.50!

“Disclosure:  I am part of the Fisher-Price Play Panel and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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  • I have an old School house pull along from Fisher-Price I have had it for years. My little granddaughter loves to play with it.

  • What about the recorde player! Or the garage with the elevator that went DING! Or the Ferris wheel and Merry-go-round! Oh I had them all and LOVED them!!!
    Actually, I had 11 of the 18 listed there 🙂

    • There are SO many to pick from. Fisher-Price has an incredible collection of toys that molded many childhoods. I didn’t include the record player because it has been re-released and I didn’t know about the ferris wheel but just looked it up and it’s awesome!

  • i have a 1980,s dolls high chair for sale i want 15 pounds for its in mint condition i got this when i was 4 years old ebay have been selling one for 30 pounds if your intrested i can send a picture of it,

  • So many wonderful memories!
    The #997 Village play set was my absolute favorite growing up! All those little tiny pieces of mail to deliver 🙂
    The Fire Station is another favorite!
    And the Yellow house, and the House Boat…..I could go on forever, lol.

  • can you tell me if Fisher Price made a toy back in the 60’s which was a “3 blind mice” house, pink, and there were 3 mice which would go in and out of a door at top near roof? and it played the song?

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