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Vinyl Attraction Adds Something Special to a Room

I recently had the opportunity to try vinyl lettering from Vinyl Attractions. Although I had never considered wall decals for my home, I fell completely in love with the samples of the children’s vinyl appliqués on their site. So as not to show favouritism between my son and daughter, I decided to order wall letters for our toy room. I chose the alphabet in 3” navy blue “A bug’s life” font and numbers one through ten in a plain blue style.

The lettering comes on a roll that is pre-spaced. I easily installed the 1 – 10 numbers by simply levelling the strip on the wall. However, I wanted to do the alphabet in a wave pattern rather than just a straight line. That task proved to be a lot more daunting than I anticipated, but the end result was worth it! I have to say, I love the “bug” letters. They are adorable and look great on our toy room wall.

The installation process takes some time and care, but the product comes with a detailed instruction sheet to guide you step by step. Through visiting the website and seeing the packaging, I have read that the decals are “easily removed”. From my understanding, that means they can be taken off but not reused. That is the only disappointing part about this product. I know we will be moving within the next year and I will have to leave them in our toy room. I guess that means I will have to order more Vinyl Attractions for our new home!

To see a variety of adorable wall vinyl ideas for any kid’s space, visit Vinyl Attractions website

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