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Wabbanub Pacifiers

These pacifiers are a great idea. Every mom knows how hard it is to keep a small pacifier in a baby’s mouth. I used to prop my son’s paci in his mouth with a cloth. It only worked when he wasn’t worked up, otherwise he would spit it out and I could never find it.

Babies love having something soft to hold on to and parents love how this keeps the pacifier in their hand and mouth instead of all over the dirty floor.

# A soothing pacifier has been brilliantly sewn into the soft stuffed animal body, designed by WubbaNub

# Easy to clean; just toss in the washer with baby’s laundry

# Suitable for babies from 2 months to 2 years old

# Available as a Ducky, Green Frog, Red Dog, Blue Horse, and Pink Horse

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