‘Washing Machine’ Toddler’s Mom Found Out About The Incident on TV

This week the world watch in horror as a New Jersey toddler flopped around in a machine at the laundromat after he had been placed in there as a joke. But the prank turned scary when the machine expectantly turned on and locked preventing his mom and dad from getting him out.  Or so we thought.  It appears that the couple in the video were not the tot’s parents.  In fact, they were not even related to the little guy.

The toddler’s real mom, Sakia David, was at work, while her son, Saimeir bush, was under the care of his baby sitter Sandra.  When she brought the child home, she didn’t mention the incident.  Instead, she told Sakia Saimeir had fallen down some steps.

While speaking with the Today’s show Sakia said she saw the tape and thought it may be her child, but didn’t believe it until the police showed up at her door.

‘I was, like, I know that ain’t my child. I just kept saying, “I know that ain’t my child.” I was, like, oh, my god. I didn’t know until the next morning until the police came knocking on my door.’

Not convinced that her son has come out of the incident unscathed, Sakia wants more medical tests performed on him.  She also wants the baby sitter charged.

‘Everybody said on the news that I wasn’t pressing charges, and I am.’

Not sure what the charge it would be Sakia just wants Sandra punished and sent to jail.

Now that she knows it is her child in the machine, she can’t watch the video.

“Every time I see it, it makes me real sick. They shouldn’t have had my baby in there like that.”

Thankfully the toddler is talkative and alert. Hopefully further tests show that the scary ride had no effect on his future development.



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