Woman Arrested After She Allegedly Spanks A Stranger’s Child

A Cincinnati woman was arrested on Tuesday after she allegedly put a stranger’s toddler son over her knee and spanked him three times inside a store.

In a court appearance yesterday, the accused, Gloria Ballard, asked for a public defender and plead not guilty to her assault charge. She was also ordered to stay away from 2-year-old Sean Goode and his mother, Donnay Jones.

Outside court, the boys mom and the accused each told two different stories. Ms. Ballard denied any wrongdoing and said she gave the boy a hug and gently patted his backside because he was upset, while Donnay Jones claimed her son got spanked after Ballard told her she should make him behave.

“She was basically trying to tell me what to do with my son,” Jones told WLWT-TV. She told Ballard she would handle her own business and son. Then, she said, Ballard took Sean from her and spanked him, causing him to cry.

“I was shocked,” Jones told WCPO-TV on Wednesday.

Ballard, 43, faces a charge that carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. She said she is a mother and grandmother who was just trying to help.

“And I got this,” Ballard said, while holding a paper that described the charge.

I guess a judge will have to pick through both of these claims. This is the second time in just a couple weeks a stranger has been accused of punishing a stranger’s child.

Seriously people! Just walk away!

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  • Some of the people in today’s world are really losing their minds and crossing the line in the dept stores!!! If a stranger walked up to me in the store and even made a comment about my child, it would be on in a big way!! This is the 2nd time that I’ve heard about a total STRANGER either slapping or spanking someone’s child and it’s crazy to me that it actually happened and the parents did nothing but stand there in the state of shock instead of opening a can of whup butt on the person, then calling the police!!

  • The accused did cross the line, but what about the mothers who don’t have a clue what their children are doing or simply don’t care? These mothers have a habit of allowing their children to reek havoc on others by crying to get their way, screaming, running, fighting with siblings, pulling on displayed clothing, knocking over whatever would possibly be in their way, climbing on whatever looks like it would give them a rush & defy gravity, etc. MOTHERS GET A CLUE & GET A GRIP!!! Store personnel & fellow shoppers don’t want to hear your children whine & pitch a fit!!! Get your head out of your butt & take care of your own child/ren & a stranger won’t feel compelled to!!!

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