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Woman Brings Busy Philadelphia Subway Station to a Stop after Delivering Baby on Train

While headed northbound on a Philadelphia subway train to a routine doctor’s appointment, a young woman had gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Overjoyed (and likely in a bit of shock over the impromptu delivery), the new mom then headed up the subway station stairs and stopped Loyd Rodgers, a SEPTA police officer and his partner.

“At that time, she said, ‘This is my baby, I just had a baby,” said SEPTA officer Loyd Rodgers.

Wrapped in the mother’s clothes, Officer Loyd, a 12-year veteran and father to a teenage daughter, found the newborn baby boy, umbilical cord still attached.

“She held the baby as if, ‘Wow! This is actually my baby!” Loyd said. “The joy that she had on her face, I would never be able to explain it in a thousand years.”

After calling the paramedics, officer Loyd attended to mom and baby, wrapping the little boy in a blanket to keep him warm while they waited. But Officer Loyd wasn’t the only one who’d noticed the brand new baby and his mother. The busy Olney station came to a halt as passengers cheered, applauded. As they passed by the mom, they stopped to congratulate her and snap photographs of the beautiful baby boy.

“It was a celebration, a real celebration,” Loyd said.

Cashier Cynthia Leaks, who was also present, called the joyous occasion, and the little boy, “beautiful.”

“It was beautiful…It’s always beautiful when a child is born,” Cynthia said. “He was just beautiful with all this beautiful, curly hair. He was just gorgeous, gorgeous little boy…the handsomest little boy you could see.”

Mom and baby are now at the Einstein Medical Center, reportedly doing well.

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