Woman saves Baby Girl from a Car Crashing into their House

For two month old Kendal the difference of a second could have completely altered her life. But thanks to her godmother’s quick thinking the baby was saved from a car that rammed into their living room.

It was Sunday afternoon in Desoto, Texas when Princess Goodwin decided to spend some time with her good friends pastor Eric Johnson and his family. Suddenly, a car came barreling through the home window crashing into their living room. It was being driven by a drunk driver.

The car hit the couch on which Princess was sitting with 2-month old baby Kendal, her godchild. As soon as she saw the car rushing towards them, Princess held the baby above her head to save her from being hit. According to Eric she actually saved the baby not considering that she herself was coming directly in the line of the car.

“The amazing thing is, Princess had the baby held over like this over the car, so she literally sacrificed herself in order to save the baby,” Johnson said.

Baby Kendal only had a scratch on her eye.

Her godmother, however, was pinned against the wall and had to be pulled out by Eric and others. She was hospitalised with injuries on her left leg.

Eric’s two other daughters were also caught in the accident but escaped with minor injuries.

DeSoto police later arrested Karen Howe, an administrative assistant with the school district. She was charged with drunken driving.

Princess later said,

“I think the normal instinct would have been to cover, but I raised her,” she said. “I think it was nothing but God who lifted her over.”

The family is currently at a temporary occupancy as the crash has left their home damaged.

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