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Woman Sues Doctor After Painful Delivery

Every woman knows that delivering their baby is going to painful, but Catherine Skol, a former Chicago police officer, claims that her doctor caused her unnecessary pain and suffering.

After already delivering 4 children, Catherine was well aware of what was going to happen when she arrived at Rush University Medical Center in March. However, nothing could have prepared her for the horrible ordeal she was about to face.

According to a civil suit filed Monday, Skol arrived at the hospital at about 4 a.m. Her usual doctor was out of town, so Dr. Scott Pierce filled in. The lawsuit alleged that Pierce showed up at Rush four hours later, and when he did, he allegedly reprimanded Skol for not calling before coming in. The lawsuit claims he said there was not enough time to administer pain medication.

The suit also accuses Pierce of telling a nurse that Skol got the pain she deserved because she had not called ahead.

“Sometimes pain is the best teacher,” he allegedly said.

Skol says the doctor gave her an excruciating vaginal exam in the middle of a contraction. Then, although she was not fully dilated, she claims Pierce instructed her to start pushing.

When Skol or the staff questioned his methods, Pierce told Skol, “Shut up, close your mouth, and push,” according to the suit.

Skol accuses the doctor of giving her unnecessary stitches after the birth, using an excessively large needle.

A spokesperson for Rush said Pierce is in private practice and is not employed by the hospital, and that the hospital in no way condones the actions described in the civil suit.

Wow, I hope that this guy doesn’t get pulled over for speeding any time soon…

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  • Dr. Pierce recently saved my wife’s life and delivered a healthy baby during a very complicated delivery. He is the most capable physician I’ve ever met. We don\’t know how to express our enormous gratitude to Dr. Pierce and his professional and talented staff.

    I know Dr. Pierce. This is a man that trained his entire life to answer the call of the most complicated challenges in the delivery room and handles some of Cook county’s most challenging cases. He dedicated his life to saving lives. He is extremely good, very bright and has the cleanest legal and complications track-record of any physician we considered to deliver our son – and we considered all of Chicago’s most capable. We also reviewed candidate’s civil litigation histories. We know healthcare extremely well as I work in the field and my wife is an attorney. We have Chicago (U of C and Northwestern) trained doctors in the family. Dr. Pierce has the respect of his patients, the students he trains and the Chicago medical community. This respect was not given easily – but was earned one delivery and a time, year after year, over 2,000 times.

    Let’s review the facts… this woman delivered a healthy baby. She is sitting at home on disability (committing fraud) with 5 kids and is desperately trying to extort money from a man who has dedicated his life and talent to facilitating the birth of new life.

    I’ve explored the public facts of this case and have drawn the following conclusions. Her claim is a lie. Her motives are corrupt and contemptible. Her attempt at this coercion is a hideous affront to the justice and prudence our system is meant to uphold. She is a despicable predator in a city that tolerates crime and permits the victimization of those seeking to help others. This woman is the poster child for corruption and abuse of power in the Chicago community and Police department.

    Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that the corrupt and personally destructive pariah’s in our city try to tear down those dedicated to saving lives. There comes a time in our lives that we must stand up against the liars, cheats and thieves or risk setting the precedent that this type of extortion is ok. It’s not. Shame, shame, shame on you. I pray to God that he forgive this woman’s wanton and detestable sins.

  • I have been a patient of Dr Pierce’s for many years. He has shown great compassion to me when I had several pregnancies that ended early. He also delivered my beautiful baby. I am shocked to find once more that a ridiculous lawsuit is filed by a spoiled person with a get-rich quick agenda. What’s the matter honey? Didn’t they jump high enough when you wandered in? Awwww…
    Yeah, how about getting off the medical roll in the near future “office”? Nah, much easier to sue and be allowed the luxery of staying home to raise your 5 kids. Hopefully the jury/judge will see thru this farce of a lawsuit. Hope your kids don’t learn your “morals”.

  • Hey! What a load of crap …. sounds like you have constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth!

    Today, with the wonder of the Internet, any idiot with something to share has a voice as large as those who want to listen and you’ve proved that!

    We have that right here.

    Any normal person , and I say normal because pierce is Not, gets goose bumps from reading about this incident. I’ll post a link to the original legal complaint filed with the court for those of you that would like to read it.

    What makes this horrendous incident so credible is the numerous witnesses that have come forward in the complainant’s behalf. These are honest caring professional hospital staff that have put their likelihoods on the line because they know in their hearts that Pierce’s actions are not only very harmful but extremely abnormal.

    There are two video’s containing the original and then follow up story about Dr. Scott Pierce abusing this patient. You guessed it! …. It’s on what? That’s right! …. Youtube ……. Just Google it

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