Woman’s Belly Ache Was A Baby

What is with women going into labour and not even knowing they were pregnant?

A UK mom, who didn’t know she was pregnant, started getting pains on her 23rd birthday. She decided to have a bath to ease her ‘tummy ache’ – and gave birth to a baby boy.

After baby Aaron appeared, the new mom grabbed her cell phone and was taken to a local hospital.

Her partner Pete Gilliver, who is a porter at the hospital, was even more surprised than she was.

He ran to her bedside, saw Aaron, and asked: “Whose baby’s that?” She replied: “It’s yours.”

They had decided not to try for a baby after moving home and Claire was having contraceptive injections.

Claire, who also has children Kieran and Jack, said: “It was the biggest shock of my life. Pete went to work with no chance of me getting pregnant and there I was with a baby.”

How do you go full term without feeling a kick or flutter? I just don’t get it.

Maybe someone should have read my previous article…

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