World’s First Rhinoceros Conceived By Artificial Insemination

In a groundbreaking achievement, Budapest Zoo has announced the birth of the world’s first rhinoceros conceived through artificial insemination.

The female baby rhino, weighing in at 128lbs (58kg), was born on Tuesday after a 16-month and 15-day pregnancy.

This milestone was reached after vets made the decision to inseminate the 26-year-old mother, Lula, in 2005 when she struggled to conceive naturally.

Described as “full of life” by zoo officials, the unnamed baby rhino showcased its energy by standing on its own legs just an hour after being born.

Despite being introduced to a male rhino named Easyboy, Lula and Easyboy did not show any sexual interest in each other, leading to the attempt at artificial insemination.

The zoo explained that the relationship between Lula and Easyboy has developed into more of a sibling-like bond, rather than a romantic one.

The mother has not yet been able to nurse her baby and has shown some aggression, which is considered normal for an inexperienced mother. For now, the baby is being fed by zoo workers until Lula is ready to feed her.


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