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World’s Smallest Mother Set To Welcome Third Baby

Despite warnings she is risking her life, Stacey Herald, the world’s smallest mother, is set to welcome her third baby.

Measuring just 2ft 4ins, Mrs. Herald has already defied doctors orders and gone on to deliver to have two healthy baby girls.

The 35-year-old from Dry Ridge, Kentucky, USA, suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which causes brittle bones and underdeveloped lungs, and means she failed to grow.

Now the determined mom, who uses a wheelchair, and her husband Will, who is 5ft 9ins, are awaiting the birth of their third child, due in the next four weeks.

Even thought she cannot hold her daughter because her belly gets in the way, and she admits being pregnant is “uncomfortable”, the couple says they want more children.

By the time the new addition, a boy, is one he will already tower over his mum.

Stacey and her husband met in 2000 while working for a supermarket in their home town and were desperate for a family after marrying in 2004.

But doctors warned them that a baby would grow so large inside her tiny body it would eventually crush her organs.

“It broke my heart that I couldn’t have kids,” she said.

“All my life my parents had told me that I could do anything. Then there were these doctors telling me that we couldn’t be a complete family. It really hurt.”

Eight months after their marriage, the couple was thrilled to discover they were expecting and decided to go ahead even though family and doctors begged them to reconsider.

After 28 weeks, doctors performed a cesarean section and daughter Kateri was born, weighing just 2lbs and 1oz in 2006.

She grew well but there was heartbreak for the family when they discovered Kateri had inherited Mrs Herald’s condition and would also never grow to a normal height.

Doctors tried to let the second baby stay in Mrs Herald’s body for as long as possible, letting her pregnancy go to 34 weeks before taking her into theatre.

Daughter Makaya who, at 18 inches was more than half her mum’s body length when she was born, weighed 4lbs and 7oz.

Now both girls are bigger than their mother, who is now 30 weeks pregnant with her first boy.

She said: “It’s getting tougher and tougher to move.

“At the moment because I’m getting really big again I can’t hold my youngest daughter because my belly gets in the way and I can’t get my arms around her.”

Mrs Herald added: “All my babies are miracles, but we haven’t thought about if we’re going to have some more, as they’re a real handful right now.

“We didn’t plan to have more than two kids, we just think that they’re a great gift to the world, and when I look at them I see Will and I feel so full of love, it’s tough not to want more.”

I hope that after the baby arrives, this couple just enjoys the three miracles they have. It would be foolish for them to keep testing the laws of nature.

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  • What a wonderful picture. Oh wait, I shot it!

    This is an incredible features, inc exclusive.

    Photo (c)Jeffery R. Werner/

    Look for Stacey next week on Inside Edition and the Maurey Povitch show. And next year, a documentary of the the entire birthing process on a one-hour documentary on TLC.

  • Imagine the social services and special medical care that are not only being paid for by the public for this indulgence, but also the medical costs incurred by the progeny who will inherit their mother’s horrible crippling condition. I don’t deny this woman doesn’t love her kids but without choking the money out of taxpayers, this family would never have had kids.

  • I think it is wonderful that Stacey had the courage to undergo the odds. She must have felt very uncertain of the outcome throughout her pregnancy. It takes a strong person to overcome the odds and by the picture, she did it with a smile of hope.

  • I think it is wonderful that she can be a mum. She is very lucky and to have two kids without her condition is spectacular. Also seeing as her first child who also has OI is already bigger than her, as stated in this article, i would say the daughter has a less severe form of OI. No one should judge whether she should be able to have kids, or if she should have more. It’s entirely her choice, It is inspiring that she has gone on to have children when so many people with this condition can’t or are made too fearful by doctors and society looking down at the fact that they want to achieve something that every other person on this planet takes for granted. There are plenty of mothers out there who definately shouldnt have children – who never wanted children and care for them poorly. Just because this woman has a disability does not make her less of a mother or less deserving to be a mother. She would probably do her role as a mother very well, much better than many other women out there who never wanted their kids. I say KUDOS to her! And if she wants to have more then so be it! As long as she takes the risk factors into consideration and takes care of herself – she really can do anything she will ever want to do! She is AMAZING!

  • I didn’t read anywhere in the article that says they are on public assistance. Did I miss that part? One commenter has assumed her births and health care are being paid for by taxpayers. Anyway, I’m happy for the family. It’s never anyone’s business how many children people have, whether they are in perfect health or not. I disagree that it’s “foolish” for her to have more children. That’s their business, not yours.

    • It is their business but doctors have already said that it is a miracle she hasn’t DIED giving birth to the 3 she already has. Why would anyone risk leaving 3 kids without a mother to have more?

      • Maybe their faith doesn’t rely in doctors, who were obviously wrong? I think your comments on their family are rude and unfounded.

  • The last two sentences were extremely judgmental and unprofessional from a journalist. I hope that the editor and author involved in publishing this story will revisit that and learn from it.

    Despite the dire words and warnings from the doctor(s), nothing untoward has happened, so perhaps what should be rethought is *not* this woman’s right to have children without the author’s approval, but rather the doctors’ understanding of pregnancy in her condition.

  • I don’t understand the negativity on this woman’s choice. If she wanted to have 500 kids, no one should be judging her! It is her choice what she wants to do with her life. And I say if she’s happy, it’s worth it.

  • By whatever standards one uses, this is irresponsible. This couple is putting their own wants and desires over the potential impact of this horrible disease on their children and society. Shame on them.

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