Cloth Menstrual Pad Environmentally Friendly

Would You Use A Cloth Menstrual Pad?

Lately I have been researching different brands of cloth diapers. I think I have looked through about a million cloth diaper websites looking for a product that may suit my sons needs.

On many of these sites I have noticed that along with environmentally friendly products for baby, there are eco-friendly, cost effective options for moms.

The cloth menstrual pad seems to be gaining as much popularity as the cloth diaper. My question is would you wear a menstrual pad that you had to wash?

Cloth pads are not only useful for menstrual use, they can also be used for incontinence, to keep your underpants clean and dry between periods, during pregnancy, or even after sex. Cloth pads come in several sizes and absorbencies to suit the different uses and needs of the users.

Many women get turned off because they think cloth pads will be dirty, bulky, hard to wash and stain easily. The manufacturers way of avoiding the stain issue – creating a disposable out of coloured material! For women who still like to have a fresh looking pad, an organic ivory coloured on is also available.

Washing instructions: Like cloth diapers, it is recommended that you soak the cloth pads in water until you are able to do a load (1-2 days).

I have to say that the women who designed these cloth pads have thought of everything. Most are handmade, come in every style that disposables do and even include snaps, which are just like the ‘wings’ on other products.

With all that being said, I am not sure that after doing 3 loads of cloth diapers a week and endless loads of regular clothes, that I want to add cloth menstrual pads to the mix.

If any of our moms use these pads, please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.



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  • I know it’s been a long time since you wrote this. There weren’t any comments though and wanted to post a been there done(doing) that.

    I switched to cloth about 4 years ago when the pattern maker for Mimzie Hugz was drafting up a pattern and sent me 7 of them. They were all just your basic printed flannel, but I loved them. My periods went from 7 days and heavy, to just 3 days and much lighter. On the months when I was lazy and used plastic instead, I would have a much heavier period. Using cloth really isn’t that big of a deal time wise. You just have to remember to bring something so that you can take the beautiful things home!

    This past tax check I finally splurged and bought cotton and bamboo Velour pads. Why on earth did I wait so long?! These things are amazing. So very soft and absorbant.

    I know some wonder about washing. Here is what I do. When I sit down, I take the old one off and throw it in the sink and turn on the cold water. By the time I’m done, the pad is pretty rinsed out. I give it a squeeze and throw it in the laundry. If there are some spots still I will spray it with some simple green and let it sit until next time. The spots will be broken down the next time. For really stubborn ones – even ones you want to get out after multiple wash and dry cycles, a little paste of oxyclean on it for a few hours will make things look like new. It really is only an extra 15 seconds in the bathroom if you want them looking new. Not much time at all.

    There is a store called Blossom Pads that I just ordered from that has an intro to cloth package that is well worth the money if anyone is even remotely considering trying cloth. For $10 she sends you a cotton Velour liner, a cotton Velour regular flow winged pad, and a heavy flannel winged pad. She shipped the next day too! Anyway, this became really long. I just wanted to throw some info out.

  • I switched to cloth pads when I started researching cloth nappies for my bub. Haven’t looked back. I used to get allergic reactions to disposable ones, and hated using tampons, so I thought these were the best things ever! I’ve just spent about $100 on some swish material, and I’m now making a nice stash for when I’m not pregnant anymore. They are no issue whatsoever to wash. You don’t even need to rinse them if you don’t want. Just chuck them in the washing machine until next load ๐Ÿ™‚ Works just as well.

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