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Wyatt Not Enjoying The Concert

Wyatt Crow does not look happy at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago, Saturday. He is being held in a Baby Bjorn Sport Carrier wearing a set of headphones to protect his delicate ear drums.



While the music may be good, he seems to not be fond of the gear attached to his head and that soother his nanny is stuffing in his mouth is NOT helping.


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  • I am relieved I’m not the only Momma who found this photo distressing. Poor Wyatt!! This has, sadly, lowered my opinion of Sheryl, who up to now I’ve been a great fan of. Nanny Marva might be the “nanny to the stars,” but she looks pretty put out at having to be at the concert, too. And you’re so right- that pacifier IS being stuffed into his poor little mouth!! Sheesh, someone tell Sheryl that her baby boy needs to be somewhere else!!

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