Yoga is Great Exercise During Pregnancy

When done properly, yoga is a great exercise option for pregnant moms. A few minutes of yoga each day can help with strength, flexibility, and relaxation.

According to a recent news release from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), doing yoga during pregnancy is a safe and healthy exercise for women. When done moderately, most women can continue doing yoga during their entire pregnancies. This makes is a great exercise alternative to the more strenuous exercises that can harm an over-taxed heart. Because of the increased blood flow during pregnancy, women need to be cautious about what forms of exercise they do.

“Women who are expecting can benefit greatly from exercise, especially yoga — they just need to be aware of their limitations,” orthopaedic surgeon and mom-to-be Dr. Rachel Rohde

Some of the benefits of yoga is the flexibility and strength training it offers to pregnant women. For many, it also offers a bit of relaxation that they may need during the day. Yoga also allows women to move at their own pace and change positions to accommodate their changing bodies.

If you are unable to move into a difficult position, you always have the option to get into a resting pose if experiencing pain,” said Rohde.

The AAOS recommends yoga for pregnant women, but cautions them to discuss any new exercise program with their doctors first. Pregnant women also need to be certain to avoid dehydration during exercise, and avoid the more strenuous forms of yoga such as Birkam, or “hot yoga”. – Summer, staff writer

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