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‘Yoomi’ Revolutionary Self-Heating Baby Bottle

In the case of the Yoomi self-heating bottle, necessity was indeed the mother and the father of invention. Created by a husband/wife team who were tired of heating their baby’s bottle to the exact right temperature for bleary-eyed nighttime feedings or while on the go, the Yoomi is an ingenious baby bottle and a warmer in one unique design!

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Using the 100% BPA free Yoomi Bottle makes feeding baby as easy as 1-2-3. Caregivers simply press the orange button on the warmer unit, which triggers the non-toxic solution contained inside the unit to heat up. After a short 60 second wait, the bottle may be tipped to feed baby. When the bottle is tipped, it is ready to use — as the cold milk flows through the channels on the outside of the warmer and by the time it reaches the teat (bottle nipple), it has reached a natural breast milk temperature of 32-34°C.

'Yoomi' Revolutionary Self-Heating Baby Bottle

The warmer fits all Yoomi bottles, it stays warm for one hour, and it may be recharged up to 100 times. Additionally, the Yoomi bottles feature an anti-colic, naturally shaped silicone teat which facilitates an easier latch, reducing the likelihood of nipple confusion for babies who also breast feed.

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