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You Never Know How Good Your Day Will Be

This morning I was watching The Ellen Degeneres Show, she is filming this week in New York City. She posted a sign on one of the buildings beside where the show is filming, to meet her neighbours. In the window of an apartment there was a huge sign posted that said “Ellen wants to meet her neighbours call (212)-***-****”.

While I didn’t think anyone would call, someone did. A stay at home mom of two called and Ellen spoke to her for a few minutes and then invited her to join the show.

Former President Clinton was Ellen’s first guest and just moments into the second segment the “neighbour” arrived with her baby. She rolled in with her stroller to a gracious greeting from Ellen and the Former President. While she was hugging Ellen hello, former President Clinton picked up her baby and held him for a moment.

This was all so amazing to me because I am sure that when this New mom woke up this morning,(or whenever it was taped) if someone had told her that Former President Clinton would be holding her baby in a few hours she would have said they were crazy.

You never know how great your day is going to be when you wake up. Anything can happen and everything can change so quickly. Some of your destiny is controlled by you, but a good portion you may not have any control over. The new mom now has a story that will probably be told in her family for years to come, all because she picked up the phone to “meet a neighbour”.

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