Top Practical Gifts For Christmas

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I guess people will be going practical this Christmas, which is a great idea if you want you gift to actually get some use.

* Uggs—more winsome than provocative, the sheepskin-lined boots register in the top 700 searches, thanks to ladies in their teens to early 50s.
* Crocs—firmly in the top 3,500 searches, the rubber clog counts women 45-54 among its core faithfuls.
* Hoovers—Roomba and Dyson have the come-hither tech appeal, but Hoover gets even more searches than “vacuum cleaners.”
* Socks—up 10%, the foot cosy favorites include variations like slipper, toe, heated, thorlo, christmas, and electric (although that last one verges on sexy).
* Crockpot—a slow simmer that never gets too hot is just the ticket for anyone over 25.
* Christmas sweaters—a traditional favorite to which pre-teens especially cuddle up, the holiday wear has already headed to the top 40,000.
* Gag gifts—not only decidely unsexy, it’s positively emasculating… which might explain why women lead the searches at 64%.
* Coffee mugs—as long as you stay away from politics or the risqué, the cup brews eternal for all ages.
* Thermos—up 303%, the food containers favored include Nissan and Aladdin.
* Trimmers—just a bump of interest for the grooming products, but those who suffer the luxury of too much nose hair will thank you.

I will never understand “crocs”. Even as a busy mom on the go, they don’t appeal to me at ALL!!


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    Great idea this blog!!!!!!!!!

    have a shining life!!!

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