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13-Year-Old Father To Take Paternity Test

The 13-year-old boy that made news this week after he fathered a baby has requested that a paternity test be done to ensure he is the father of 5 day old Maisie.

The story has taken a twist after it was claimed Richard Goodsell, 16, and Tyler Barker, 14, may have fathered the child.

The two boys have come forward and said that they were also with Chantelle Steadman around the time she conceived Maisie.

After hearing this, Alfie Patten’s father has advised him to get the test in order to ‘to settle this once and for all.’

He is still not sure that ‘a boy of his age was capable of conceiving.’

Chantelle’s mother Penny, 38, dismissed the claims, saying: ‘It’s rubbish, Chantelle lost her virginity to Alfie.’

Yesterday Alfie, who is at the centre of a furious battle for interviews with five-figure sums reportedly being paid, arrived home at his mother’s £395,000 home after spending the night at Chantelle’s parents’ house.

Once indoors he gave a series of clipped answers to a long list of questions by an eager reporter from The People.

  • When asked if he loved Chantelle he said: ‘Dunno.
  • Did you get her a Valentine’s card? ‘No!’
  • Did you know how babies were made before you had sex with Chantelle? ‘Course’.
  • Do you like changing the baby’s nappies? ‘It’s OK but getting it back in the clothes is hard – the arms are the worst bit.’
  • Are you looking forward to getting back to school soon? ‘No, school’s dead boring.’
  • What are your favourite subjects? ‘Dunno. Haven’t got any. Not maths.’
  • What would you like to do when you grow up? ‘Go in the Army, but Mum says she won’t let me.’

This is all very sad. Children this young should not be raising a baby. This kid is still in public school.


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  • This is pure rubbish. That kid would not be developed enough to be able to have a baby to take care of. I don’t belive it is true.

  • i dunno though. sadly at age 14 i was raped by a 20 year old. i didnt think i could get pregnant because i just started my monthly 3 months prior to that and also because of my age. i didnt have the heart to get an abortion although everyone in my family begged me to. then, after practically caring for my child 9 months, i couldnt give him up for adoption. Triston is now 4. He has autism and speech problems. age has nothing to do with getting pregnant, i found out you can pretty much get pregnant at an early age.

  • i believe this im 13 just had my baby in july he is now 1 month will be 2 on the 19th, for the people who say this is sad dont judge people if u dont know what happend to em,

  • I beleave this I was 13 when I had my son Diesel Alexzander he’s 9 months now and perfectly healthy Iam 14. Though the 13 year old sure looks much younger then 13 I thought he was 7 when I first saw this. And no it’s not sad it’s a gift 🙂

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