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B.C. Government Takes Custody Of Surviving 3 Sextuplets

The B.C. government took custody of three of four surviving sextuplets over the weekend from a Jehovah’s Witness family, believing the infants were in danger if they didn’t get blood transfusions, the family’s lawyer revealed Wednesday. The family has since regained custody after two or three of the four babies were given transfusions. Such medical […]


Hong Kong Limits Pregnant Chinese Women

Now hospitals there have set up a centralised booking system and set a quota for the number of mainland mothers allowed in. As a further disincentive to cross-border births, Chinese mothers will now have to pay double the hospital fees of their Hong Kong counterparts. These fees must be paid in advance, at an antenatal […]


Car Seat Expiry Date?

Does your car seat have an expiry date? Yes! Health Canada is reporting that Evenflo Company, Inc. has a general expiry date of December of the sixth year from the date of manufacture. Evenflo Company, Inc. has a general expiry date of December of the sixth year from the date of manufacture. Some products manufactured […]


Baby Brain Bleeding Linked To Vaginal Births

About a quarter of babies born in vaginal deliveries had a small amount of bleeding in their brains, while none delivered by Caesarean section did, according to a study published Tuesday. But the researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Chapel Hill said it was premature to view their surprising findings […]


Oldest Women, 67, To Give Birth Deceived Clinic

Earlier this month I reported on a mom who gave birth to twins at 67. Today there are reports that she may have given a false age to the fertility clinic in order to be eligible for treatment. The New Zealand Herald reports that: The oldest woman ever to give birth deceived doctors to get […]


Gwen Stefani Talks About Pregnancy And Life In General

In this month’s Elle Magaine Gwen Stefani opens up to the mag about playdates with Brangelina, and how hard it is for her to stay stick-thin. On being pregnant in the public eye: “It was weird being pregnant in a fishbowl situation. Especially on days when you feel really fat and disgusting and not cute. […]


Anna Belknap of CSI: NY Welcomes Baby Girl

Congratulatons to Anna Belknap and her actor husband Eric Siegel on the birth of their first baby. The baby girl, whose name wasn’t released, was born on Jan. 14 in Los Angeles, CBS said. Belknap, 34, plays Detective Lindsay Monroe on the series. Siegel appeared in the 2003 film I Love Your Work with Christina […]


Breastfeeding In Public: Food or Lewd?

Last week I posted a article about Toronto Board of Health members developing a policy that affirms the right of breast-feeding mothers to breast-feed in all public places controlled by the municipality. MSNBC has a an article asking whether or not it is appropriate to breastfeed in public. They give examples of mothers who have […]


John Edwards and Wife Sandra Welcome New Baby

Congratulations to TV psychic John Edward and his wife Sandra on the arrival of their second child. The baby girl, Olivia Gabriella, was born on Thursday in New York, according to Edward’s rep, Jill Fritzo. Edward and Sandra, a dance instructor, also has a 4-year-old son, Justin. The couple have been married since 1995. Edward’s […]


Expectant Moms ‘Getting Too Fat’

Is pregnancy a reason to get fat? A study done in the U.K. is suggesting that rising obesity trends mean that by 2010, half of all UK mums-to-be could be above ideal weight and a fifth obese. Are North American moms any different? Probably not. Some people believe that pregnancy is a free pass to […]


Doomoo Buddy Maternity/Nursing Cushion

When I breastfed my son I never used a boppy or breastfeeding cushion. I preferred just a regular pillow. As my son grew, the pillow wasn’t enough support for him to feed properly and I was left piling up blankets to keep him propped up. Babygadget posted this pillow last week and I fell in […]