22 Week Baby Beats The Odds

Xavier Workman is one tough little guy. After a five-and-a-half-month stay in the Cabell Huntington Hospital Neonatal Unit, this miracle baby has headed home with his parents.

22 Week Baby Beats The Odds

Born born at 22 weeks he was released from the hospital after spending nearly 170 days there due to a very early arrival.

In fact, Xavier is the most premature infant Cabell Huntington Hospital has ever discharged at 22-weeks gestation.

“He really is a miracle baby,” Dr. Bobby Miller, medical director for Cabell Huntington Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit told the Herald Dispatch .

Xavier arrived Jan 24th weighing a meager 20 ounces. During his stay, the little fighter was paralyzed for three days and breathing through inhaled nitric oxide for eight weeks. Now six pounds and six ounces he has beaten all of the statistics.

“He was so sick from a respiratory standpoint, but he’s made it through,” Miller said. “I have very high hopes for him.”

It is estimated that about 1 in 10 babies are born prematurely worldwide. While Cabell Huntington Hospital delivers about 70 babies per year before 27 weeks, 22 weeks is unheard of for them.

“It’s not totally uncommon, but to have a baby survive at 22 weeks is a new milestone for us,” Miller said.

As Stephanie Workman held her son, who was dressed in a tiny green graduation gown for his discharge day, she said of her firstborn son, was a testament to how God has blessed their family.

“He’s just overcome everything that’s been thrown at him,” Stephanie said. “We’ve had a long journey and it’s had some tough times. But we’ve overcome it.”

Though she said she and her husband Scottie will miss the staff that’s looked after Xavier day and night since January, they are ready to have their son join his siblings at home.

“This is the best staff of doctors and nurses that we could ask for,” Stephanie said. “But we’re excited to go home and start our new normal as a family.”

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