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Baby Boy Born Half The Size Of His Twin Sister

If you were to see twins Harriet and James White today you would think that they were just a normal set of twins.

Big and small twins Harriet and James White

It is hard to believe that this brother and sister arrived at just 29 weeks gestation weighing 1lb 8oz and 3Ib 4oz.

During at 24 week ultrasound, Shelley White’s doctors found that James was not growing properly and tests showed there was virtually no blood flow to him.

‘Doctors told me that if I could get to 28 weeks pregnant then there would be a chance he would survive,’ said Mrs White, a teacher from Burton on Trent, Staffordshire. ‘The doctors scanned me every few days and each time I went for a scan I expected the worst, and to be told that James had no heartbeat.’

After 29 weeks, it was found that James was receiving no blood at all, and could survive for only a few more days.

He needed to be delivered immediately by emergency caesarean, but that could harm the chances for survival of Harriet, who was thriving in the womb.

Not wanting to choose one twin over the other, the couple let fate take over, and let doctors deliver both the twins.

After the delivery, Harriet made a small cry, but James didn’t make a sound.

They were rushed over to intensive care and the new parents didn’t get to see them until the next morning.

Amazingly, Harriet needed to be vented in order to breathe properly, but tiny James did not.

The little guy was such a fighter that he only needed to be hospitalized for 9 weeks, just a mere 2 weeks longer than his sister that was double his size.

Both babies are doing well and James is catching up.

‘He’s talking and developing like he should, which is great.

‘When I think of him fitting in John’s hand, it seems hard to believe that he has grown into such an energetic little boy.’

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  • It is truly amazing what little fighters preemie babies can be. They not only overcome odds and a rough start to life but they very often grow up strong, healthy and BIG for their age! It’s so good to see a picture of them together- so many hospitals insist on ripping twins apart from each other , when really they thrive when they are together.

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