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Baby Rescued From Running Washing Machine

A 7-month old baby is recovering after being trapped in a running washing machine.

Valle Hernandez was reportedly being pushed in a rolling laundry basket by his 4-year old brother while mom was loading the washer. Then Valle’s big brother pushed him into a front loading machine and the door shut. The boy’s Mom turned away for a split second and when she turned back, didn’t notice the infant mixed in with the dirty clothes. It wasn’t until after she started the machine that she realized the baby was inside. Since front loaders lock when closed, the frantic mom scrambled to get help.

A witness told reporters that the baby was probably in the washer for at least a minute before they got there and it took some serious tugging to get the door open. It took three grown men to pry the door open.

“We got it open and when we got him out of there, I was horrified. He was solid purple from that blood and it was something I hope I never have to witness again.”

The baby was taken to the hospital and has already been released. He is expected to make a full recovery.

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