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Abiie BabyDeck Strollers Make Diaper Changes on the Go a Breeze!

No more searching for a restroom with changing station or worrying about the cleanliness of public change tables, the Abiie BabyDeck stroller packs away a waterproof changing mat in the seat of the stroller.

The quest to find a place to change a diaper is one that parents embark on daily. At the mall there are often lines to use the public washroom and at amusement parks, city parks, zoos and playgrounds there may be a great distance between washrooms. Not to mention the question of cleanliness when you finally do find a change station. And this is all for women looking to change their baby’s diaper. For men, it is nearly impossible to find a change table in a public washroom. To solve all of these problems, the makers of the Abiie BabyDeck stroller had the brilliant idea to incorporate a change pad directly into the seat of the stroller, making diaper changes on the go as easy as at home.

To release the change mat, all that is needed is to recline the back of the stroller, simply flip the seat lock and unfold the mat! The cover of the mat is waterproof, making for easy cleanups with a disinfectant spray or baby wipes.

Great for moms, and fabulous for on-the-go dads, the BabyDeck stroller makes changing diapers on the go, easy, convenient, clean and stress-free!Belinda, Staff Writer

Priced at $200 and offered in 4 colors.

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