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Baby’s Life Saved By Super Glue

Infant Joely Finkelstein might not be alive today had it not been for super glue. The tiny girl is now alive and well, due to an unusual medical fix for her rare condition.

Joely was born premature, and as she grew her head seemed to grow more rapidly than the rest of her body. At first her parents chalked it up to her premature status, but at the insistence of a grandparent decided to research and see. That is when they realized that her large head was a sign of a rare, and fatal, health concern.

Hydrocephalus is a condition where fluid builds up on the brain, causing pressure and leading to death. For little Joely, she faced a Vein of Galen malformation, causing fluids to build up on her tiny brain. Desperate to save her, the parents turned to specialist Dr. Alejandro Berenstein of St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital.

His treatment, however, was a little bizarre.

Dr. Berenstein inserted a catheter into an artery in the baby girl, followed it up to the brain, and injected a small amount of medical grade super glue. The super glue trick worked to stop the fluid from building up.

“We know that before the availability of these techniques to treat these children, it was nearly a fatal disease,” he said.

Joely is now a healthy, and happy, baby girl. Parents say they can tell that she is healthier now simply because she was become a happier baby.

“It was amazing to see really after the surgery this happy, smiling, social baby,” Finkelstein said.

She is now at home with her twin sister. Her parents say now the real work of parenthood begins. – Summer, staff writer

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