Vitamin D During Pregnancy May Ease Labour Pains

As we get closer to the end of our pregnancies, a common concern is how to manage the pain during the delivery. Your doctor or midwife may prescribe more sunshine. Recent research from the American Society of Anesthesiologists suggests vitamin D may help ease labor pains.

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For years, the medical world has tied vitamin D deficiency to higher rates of depression, anxiety and pain. But now, this new study correlates low vitamin D levels with more pain medication during labor.

Researchers monitored 92 healthy pregnant women in their third trimester, providing half of them with daily supplemental doses of Vitamin D throughout their pregnancy and measuring labor pain for both groups using a numerical pain scale upon delivery. Results showed that those taking daily oral Vitamin D supplements during pregnancy reported significantly less intense labor pains than those who did not receive supplemental doses.

Vitamin D is not only useful for reducing labor pains, but pregnancy can also benefit from its sources such as salmon and eggs. Not only does it provide essential nutrients for the pregnancy itself, but it may also help bring about a smoother and more comfortable labor experience.

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