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Brooke And The Kids Enjoy The Park

Super mom Brooke Burke enjoyed a day at the park with her kids yesterday.

The mom of 4 was seen playing barefoot in the sandbox with her 3 youngest Sierra, Heaven Rain and Shaya.

Brooke recently shared her thoughts about her kids and motherhood on her blog.Here is an excerpt:

My kids make me laugh so hard, I cry. Sometimes they frustrate me to tears. I am so touched at moments that I get a new perspective on life. They challenge every part of me, my patience, my love, and my knowledge… I have learned that as a mother I am many things.I am a driver, a referee, a chef, a teacher, a doctor, a mentor, a snuggler, a confidant, a storyteller, a playmate, a dancer, a disciplinarian, a healer, a role model, a decision maker, and so on… Basically we are all domestic engineers.

I use to think that FRIEND should be at the top of that list, but I have learned that being a good mother doesn’t always allow you to be a “friend”. That’s been a tough lesson for me to learn. Making decisions for their well-being doesn’t always make fans, but it is my priority.

Being a mommy is the greatest and the toughest job I have ever had. That part of my life is most precious to me. I can’t say that I strive for “balance” or that I have mastered it all. I do know that I am Dancing Through The Chaos, learning as I go and loving every minute of it.



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