baby gear Kaengurooh Baby-JoJo

Kaengurooh Baby-JoJo

This swing/hammock is an interesting way to soothe and calm you baby.

Years ago, the positive effect of the hammock on the body and spirit was discovered. The soft weighing swing promoted relaxation and well-being. Once these advantages were found a German company, Kaengurooh, developed this hammock to soothe newborn babies. The success was overpowering and that was how baby Jo-Jo was born.

They believe that the calmness your baby feels while in the hammock is similar to being inutero. The Baumwoll-mattress, which is filled with pure sheep wool, provides for a comfortable, warm document and fits itself perfectly around the baby.

The website is in German and I had a hard time translating the product description. This hammock is hard to get. I am pretty sure that it is not available in North America and the ‘kontakt’ section of the site only list companies that are overseas. If someone finds a distributor, please let me know. via SWISSMISS


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