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Kid Tested: MEGA Play’n Go Musical Train

Mega Bloks is well known for their bright, colourful toys that suit children of all ages and developmental stages.  The Play’n Go Musical Train combines two child favorites. It’s mix of a simple train and a very cute Farm set (age 1+, 28 pieces) that will delight boys and girls. Anything with a train is always a hit in our house and the farm animals are really a fun addition. Who can resist a few cute farm animals? It really does offer something for any child.

MEGA Play'n Go Musical Train

Each one of my 4 children, ranging in ages from 1-5, enjoyed playing with the Play’n Go Musical Train and had quite a bit of fun in their own way.  This train is so easy to operate, even my 2 year old can easily pop it onto the track on his own. It runs just as easily on the carpet or the floor, so if you have a younger child who isn’t as good at keeping a train on a track, it will work well for them too.

MEGA Play'n Go Musical Train

My 1 year old daughter can start the train herself and loves the music and animals as it rolls by. My 5 year old prefers to set it up properly and have the train roll by the farm on it’s track. Designed for small children, the pieces are larger than your regular Mega Blok, so they are super easy for tiny hands. We already have quite a few of these large Mega Bloks and they all fit together nicely, so the Train and it’s parts mix right in with our collection.

MEGA Play'n Go Musical Train

Once again, as with the other Mega Blok sets we’ve played with, the Play’n Go Musical Train is easy to use and fun for everyone. It’s great to have a toy that’s safe for little ones, but still holds the interest of the slightly older ones as well. And of course we love that the sets can be mixed and matched to build upon. Plus animals and trains together, it’s hard to miss with this combination. – Kiersten, Staff Writer

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